BC 7


BC 7

CrossFit Tactical Strength – Q&C Bootcamp (women’s only)


Plank Series (No Measure)

:15 Front Plank

:15 Superman

:15 Right Arm Plank

:15 Left Arm Plank


T Spine Roll Out (No Measure)

Use PVC to slowly work Extension/Rotation into T Spine. breath deeply as you move.

Movement Prep

Dumbbell Snatch ( 5 sets of 8 reps )

Muscle, Power, Squat
Work control and solid lock out position

Hollow Holds (5 x max holds)

Super set with DB Snatches

**Scale appropriately for level**


Metcon (Time)

100 Jumping Ropes (Singles)

80 Air Squats (Goblet Squat for L2)

60 KB Swings/Deadlifts

40 Pushups

20 Burpees

Hold a plank continuously until all are completed
No Rope = Line Jumps

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