CrossFit Tactical Strength – Unlimited Trainer


3 Rounds:

5 Burpees

3 deep breaths holding the final EXHALE

carry sandbag max paces

**Rest 2 minutes between sets**


Row/Bike/Ski 5 Minutes (No Measure)

Row 5 minutes

Resisted Breathing (Long Interval) (No Measure)

5 x :30 Hard/:30 Easy

Metcon (Distance)

5 Rounds:

3:00 @ 7/10 Intensity

Recover to 180-age

1:00 @ 9/10 Intensity

Recover to HR 99
Use breath to determine recovery if no HR monitor is available. 3 Consecutive 7 second exhales then hit the next round.

Landmine RDL (3×8 Each Leg)

single leg RDL from the side of landmine
Tempo = 30×1

Snatch Pull Complex (EMOM x 10)

EMOM x 10

1 Snatch Pull

1 Snatch High Pull

1 Power Snatch

1 Full Snatch
Load progressive but NO missing!!!

**Video is always good for these to ensure the bar path is staying close.**

Reverse Hypers (3×25)

50% of back squat is goal

Kneeling Banded Crunch (3 x 1 )

Kneeling on the Floor place heavy band behind head and crunch towards the floor.
Hold 60 seconds

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