CrossFit Trial Session: What to Expect


CrossFit Trial Session: What to Expect

A New Frontier:

So you find yourself on the verge of a new endeavor.  CrossFit!  You have heard so many things about it both good and bad and are not really sure what to expect.  What you do know is that you are ready for a change and wanting to accomplish big goals and feel like this could be a way to reach them.  You’re right!  Now for the hard part.  It’s time to start.

The Hardest Part:

At this point you have already signed up for a Free Trial Session and are ready to take the first step.  Coming into the door.  There will be nerves and apprehension.  This is normal any time you set foot outside of your comfort zone.  This is a good thing.


When you enter the gym look for a staff member with a red shirt clearly marked as STAFF.  They will be able to help you get set up with paperwork and give you a quick tour of the facility.  We will then sit down for just a few minutes and talk to you about what goals you have and how CrossFit Tactical Strength and help you achieve those goals.

The Class:

From here you’ll get into training.  This is the fun part.  You have the option of going through a CrossFit group class or a one on one session.  Like all our classes both of these are modified to meet you where you are right now in your fitness journey.  The goal is not to crush you but to introduce you to our program and systems so we can find the right fit for you and the goals you want to reach.

What to Wear:

There is no CrossFit uniform.  Just wear anything you are comfortable working out and sweating in.  You do not need special shoes, Reebok board shorts wrist wraps, belts or anything else for that matter.  Just bring yourself, a water bottle and positive attitude!

Progressions Not Perfection:

Each of our coaches is trained in how to use progressions to make sure that we are training at the appropriate level for you when you come in.  After the session the coach will take a few minutes to talk about your thoughts on the workout and discuss which plan would best fit your needs and your goals.

Goals Revisited – Finding your Why:

The goal of the Free Trial Session is to gain information both about CrossFit Tactical Strength’s programs, community, and facility but also find out more about why you want to workout and what you are looking for in a gym.

If you have any questions or need anything at all email us at!  We look forward to meeting you soon and helping you become the best version of yourself!

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