Favorite Keanu Reeves Movie


Favorite Keanu Reeves Movie

Fear of Change

Do not be fear change.  Accept it for what it is.  A challenge.  It is never ok to stagnate, ever.  The term sounds cliche as hell but “if you ain’t growin’ your dyin!”  but it is absolutely the truth. There is no pause button on life or in training.  You move forward towards progress or away from it.

When things change it is often difficult and frightening but it does not mean that change is bad.  Odds are strong that when change is presented to you it is an opportunity to have an experience of some type that will make you a better, stronger person regardless if you can see that in the moment or not.  Trust that you will find value in the process and come out the other end more of a bad ass then the way you went in.



KB Series (No Measure)

4 Rounds

:15 KB Deadlifts

:15 KB Swings

:15 R arm windmill

:15 L arm windmill

Movement Prep

Hip Bridge (1×30)

laying flat on the floor, press hips up through the floor squeezing the glutes at the top.


Box Squat (7×3)

Box Squat

45% + 25% bands

Deadlift (6×2)

50% straight weight


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

AMRAP in 3:

25 Thrusters 115/85

Max Pull ups with remaining time

Rest 1:30

AMRAP in 3:

25 Pull ups

Max Thrusters with remaining time

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