Favorite Sean Connery Movie


Favorite Sean Connery Movie

CrossFit Tactical Strength – CrossFit


Basic Warm Up (No Measure)

4 Rounds

:15 Jumping Jacks

:15 Air Squat

:15 Moutain Climber

:15 Lunge


Anterior Hip Distraction (No Measure)

Facing the rig, place band high on the hamstring, banded leg steps back and hold in a lunge stretching/distracting the back(banded) leg.

Movement Prep

Single Leg KB RDL (No Measure)

Single leg KB RDL

3×5 Each arm.


Box Squat (3-3-2-2-1-1-1)

Ultra wide stance + chains


Bulgarian Split Squat (3 x 6-8 Reps )

Tempo Reps 3333

3 Second Lower

3 second hold at bottom

3 Second Raise to standing

3 Hold at the top between reps

Wall Sit (3x max hold)

place back against wall and knees should be at a 90 degree angle.
Rest 1 minute between efforts


Metcon (Time)

For Time:

30 KB Swings

30 Push Ups

30 KB Swings

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