Hashbrowns or Home fries?


Hashbrowns or Home fries?

CrossFit Tactical Strength – CrossFit


Forearm Plank/Rotation (No Measure)

2 Rounds:

:30 Forearm Plank

:30 Forearm Plank + Rotation R

:30 Forearm Plank

:30 Forearm Plank + Roation L


Banded Shoulder Distraction (No Measure)

Banded Shoulder Distraction 2 mins each arm.

Movement Prep

Shoulder Opener (No Measure)

5 Reps of each:

Palms up Curls

Palm up raises

Thumbs up Curls

Thumbs up raises
2 sets

Hollow Holds (3 sets of 8 Reps)

Hollow Hold Roll to Superman x 8 Reps


Angie (Time)

For Time:
100 pullups
100 pushups
100 situps
100 air squats
SCALE VOLUME AS NEEDED!!!! Time cap of 20

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