Olympic Weightlifting


Olympic Weightlifting

CrossFit Tactical Strength – Olympic Weightlifting


Row/Bike/Ski 5 Minutes (No Measure)

Row 5 minutes


1st Rib Mobilization (No Measure)

place band low, stretch over your trap and raise the same arm overhead. Allow the tension of the band to pull your 1st rib down. Relax into the stretch.

Banded T Spine Ext/Flex (No Measure)

Holding a hinge OR bottom of a squat work through 3 minutes of T Spine flexion and Extension


Snatch Grip Push Press + Overhead Squat (4×4)

Hold 5 Seconds at bottom of squat

Snatch Balance + Overhead squat (5×1)

1 Snatch Balance

1 Overhead squat

Power Snatch (5 heavy singles)

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