Teres Minor


Teres Minor

CrossFit Tactical Strength – CrossFit


Plank Series (No Measure)

:15 Front Plank

:15 Superman

:15 Right Arm Plank

:15 Left Arm Plank

Movement Prep

Shoulder Opener (No Measure)

5 Reps of each:

Palms up Curls

Palm up raises

Thumbs up Curls

Thumbs up raises

V-Ups (3×12)

90/90s (3×20)

EMOM Accessory

EMOM x 12 Minutes Alternating

Odd: 5 Strict HSPU

Even: 5 Anderson Front Squats


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Against a 16 Minute Running Clock

4 minutes of KB Clean and Push Press 53/35 (single bell alt arms as needed)

4 minutes Deadlifts 255/165

4 minutes Double Unders

4 Minutes Ground to overhead 135/95
**Split work as needed between a partner

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